Service Examples

We want to be your helping hands...
  • We are able to assist with balancing your checkbook or coordination of you bill payments.
  • Need someone to organize and catalog all of your family photos? How about all the old photos that can only be identified by Grandma & Grandpa or your Great Aunt??? No time to sit down and create this priceless history?
Allow us to catalog and document all of those photos and record your family history. We are able to scan and create digital copies for members of your extended family as well.
  • Holidays overwhelming? Can't manage to mix or roll out that secret family recipe?  Need some help with your spring planting?
Allow us to be the hands behind your heart of the family holiday traditions. We would be honored to assist with setting up your Christmas tree; or to plant your spring planter boxes. We would   love to be assisting you with your favorite Christmas treats or preparing for that special family gathering.
  •  We are able to assist you and your family with coordination of appointments; as well as to accompany you to these appointments if your family members aren't available.
  •  Need help getting around?  Challenged by needing to use a walker and trying to push a shopping cart... or perhaps vision issues make shopping difficult and you need someone to read labels or price tags?
We will gladly take you shopping, assist you with your shopping or even shop for you and deliver your items.   We can drop you off and pick you up for a hair cut - getting your nails done or getting out for coffee or lunch with friends. A day trip out of town or a visit to the casino, are all nice options that we offer individuals and small groups.
  •  Overwhelmed and confused by all the medical bills, insurance claims, and trying to figure out your out of pocket expenses and prescriptions?
We are able to create a personalized tracking system to coordinate this paperwork challenge as well as to organize and coordinate the required payments. We can help you avoid over payments and waiting for refunds.
  •  Have a closet that needs to be cleaned out? How about that corner of the basement that you need the boxes hauled out of? What about the attic or garage? Or perhaps you simply need some things packed away safely.
We are able to safely pack away and catalog your items or work with your family to ensure your precious memories are properly preserved.

Other Types of Services Offered:


Personal Assistance

Coordination of Appointments


Household Organization

Outings and Day Trips

Family History Preservation

Holiday & Seasonal Assistance

Social Get-togethers

Drop-off / Pick-up Services

 Banking Help

Accompany Clients to Doctor or Treatments

Coordination of Insurance Expenses