About your Caregiver

“I do because… I CAN!

I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a neighbor, a business woman and a volunteer. I have had the immense privilege of being allowed to assist many people in my life… and it is because of them that I am now offering to assist others through Hands with Heart, LLC.

I began with babysitting, moved on to working in a nursing home, an Alzheimer group home, then Chelida- a care center for children with extreme disabilities. My best friend when I was eight was a 70 year old neighbor and my favorite Saturday activity was to go visit the retired nuns at their care center to play cards, serve lemonade and iron the handkerchiefs and table linens.

As a young adult I held many different jobs… from sales, to food service, to pharmacy tech; marketing, retail, and hotels… I have managed employees in a restaurant and traveled the U.S. to manage trade shows… I have spent the better part of my life working in a “corporate or business” setting and yet… the most rewarding things I have done didn’t pay me a penny and have allowed me to help others.

The gift of being allowed to help others has always been the truest reward for me. I have had the privilege of being allowed to care for others both within my family and for friends and neighbors. I have assisted my husband’s grandparents as they transitioned from their home to assisted living, then nursing home and finally to hospice centers. I have helped friends after surgery, through cancer treatments and even to assist with out-patient treatments so someone would be allowed to get home a few days sooner, rather than remain in a hospital.

I have cared for my 91 year old grandfather in Las Vegas when he broke his hip. We were able to get him back on his feet and able to walk without assistance; as well as to be able to drive again on his own. I have cared for my mother during her six year journey from diagnosis to death from ovarian cancer; and my father for more than four years as his health and body failed him and he needed us to do his shopping and laundry, maintain his household and assist him with daily activities and outings. I have planned outings for neighbors who don’t drive and can’t get around easily – a day trip to Wausau or Appleton has always managed to brighten a winter week!

I have been told many times that I should be working in a hospital or care center. I even made a promise to my mother that someday I would be working with people who need my help and that I would go back to earn my R.N degree. This will come in time, but for now, Hands with Heart, LLC will have to be my starting point.

I am committed to assisting others, to provide a means for those loved ones in our community to get out, to go shopping, to take a day trip with friends or to have someone to visit with and share their day during the long winter months. I am committed to helping those who may not have family in Antigo, or may have family who is unable to accompany them to appointments or treatments. I am willing and able to assist with a broad spectrum of projects, needs and activities and with more than 25 years of experience, I welcome your calls so that I am able help.

Hands with Heart, LLC IS Taking care of loved ones in our community…