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We are looking for new faces!

Are you a person who loves to work with others? Are you hard-working, reliable, dedicated to helping? Have you spent your life taking care of others?

 If so, you might be the right person to join our Care Team and help us to Take Care of Loved Ones in Our Community... If you are interested in being a part of our Care Team and you think you embody what we are looking for, please download and submit the attached Employment Application and submit it, with a cover letter telling us why you feel you would be a good addition to our Hands with Heart Care Team. You may submit your cover letter and application to us by email:  OR   by mail: 228 E. 5th Ave., Antigo, WI 54409 We are looking for people who find working with others to be fun, enjoyable and rewarding.  This job is hard work and it is emotionally challenging at times, but it is also so very rewarding for the right individual.  If you think this type of career is for you - we would love to hear from you. If you know of someone who sounds like just the type of person we are looking for, please let them know that we would love to hear from them.   If you have any questions or concerns before applying please respond using the Contact Form below or you may inquire at: 715-610-0128

 If you are THE face in the crowd that would love to work with others -

We look forward to hearing from you!


If you are just looking for a job or if dealing with the difficulties of life is not for you - please do not apply.

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Rain, Rain Go AWAY!

Hanging Umbrellas   As we wait patiently (OK - maybe not so patiently any longer)  for a fresh start to our year - the new buds of flowers & trees, the greening up of the grass and the wonder and joy that spring can bring; we need to remember that this has been a very long winter and many of us may not feeling such  "spring energy" or "rejuvenation" due to the lack of sunshine we have been having. To some degree we are all a bit solar-powered... We all need to take advantage of those fleeting moments of sunshine that turn up. We need to go out and grab a few breaths of fresh air and to shake out the cob-webs of winter. As the sidewalks dry up and the ice goes away - short walks outside and quick visits with friends can go a long way to making the tail end of this never-ending winter a much more tolerable experience. So grab your umbrella and GET MOVING!  
Don't forget to splash in the puddles & look for the Rainbows!

Don't forget to splash in the puddles & look for the Rainbows!

A day… A year… A lifetime… Forever in our Hearts

Star Gazer Lily

We have had the privilege to work with two amazing women from our community. We are always reminded that it is not the amount of time we spend or the length of time that we have held these friendships, but truly the impact that these clients and friends have made  on each of us, and on our company that leaves an imprint of them in the care we continue to provide to our clients.

I would like to personally extend my deep sympathy to the families of Joan Cashill & Shirley Snopl.

These two amazing women entered my world and allowed me the honor of helping them. It is through this opportunity that I was given the gift of getting to know these two, and their families. It is thru a celebration of the moments we have shared, that the memories that I have of these wonderful ladies will live forever in my heart.Clear Open Heart

With fond memories we send deep sympathy to the Osness Family

It is with great memories that I extend my deepest sympathy to the family of Marion Osness. Hands with Heart had the privilege of sharing in Marion's 100th Birthday just last March, and we had the chance to visit with Marion at Evergreen Terrace on several other occasions. Marion shared with me many of her favorite memories and family stories. She was always a joy to spend time with and forever had such a positive outlook and view of the world. It was a gift to me personally, to have had this time with her and to have had the opportunity to meet many of her family members. Thank you to Marion for sharing a bit of your time with me! You will be forever in our hearts!  



What will our New Year mean for you?

Along with the New Year's Eve bash and requisite New Year's Resolution comes a progression in life for all of us. For some, another year older, means closer to dreams and opportunities. For others, like some of our clients, it means a progression in their need for help or support. For Hands with Heart, it means more opportunities to help still more members of our community. To be able to be a support team for even more families and to provide that connection and engagement to enrich the lives of those whose lives we are able to touch. Our Care Teams work with your family, to ensure that your loved one has the help, support and compassionate care that they need to be safe in their home or living environment & to enrich their lives through our caring interaction. We will help make long days shorter, and long nights fuller. We will be the overnight support you might need to get a good night's sleep - or be the grocery & lunch stop, that allows you to know that your loved one will have a hot meal and fresh groceries in the fridge. We are able to get your loved one out to lunch - or the casino with friends; as well as safely transporting them to their doctor or hair appointments. Hands with Heart is able to be a support to keep your loved ones in their homes longer, or to be that extra touch they need while making a transition to a supported care living environment or full care facility. If your loved one is in need of some help, support or interaction - give us a call and allow us to take care of your loved one in our community!  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

With Christmas just a couple of days away, the Hands with Heart  team is busy being Santa's Little Helpers. We are decorating trees, assisting with finding presents, bringing in the groceries for your Christmas dinner and cleaning and polishing the house for the holiday crowds...
More importantly though, we are keeping many of our community members safe in their homes; assisting with making sure they have meals;  helping out with getting them out and about for their doctor or hair appointments; and simply checking in to see that they have some company. It is through this interaction that we are making sure that our clients are staying physically strong and mentally engaged. We do this by visiting with them, playing cards or just asking them to tell us about their lives. For many in and around the Antigo area, we are able to be this support and the care team that becomes an extension of family for our clients.
We are grateful to the families and individuals who have allowed Hands with Heart, LLC to be a part of their lives, and the lives of their loved ones and it is with deep appreciation that we extend this holiday greeting...

With Deep Gratitude – THANK YOU!

As our Thanksgiving Day approaches, I would like to extend a deeply heart-felt "Thank YOU!" to all of the families and community members who have allowed us into their homes, and into their lives to assist, to help and simply to care! It is often difficult to allow someone to help, and even harder to allow someone to help when it means that you are no longer "able" to do the things you have always done... It is with great care and sensitivity that we are coming in to people's homes and with great love that we work with our clients to support them in the things that might be a challenge as they are aging or as a disability or illness progresses. Our philosophy of trying to keep all of our clients as active and self-sufficient as they can possibly be, and then to be the support behind the scenes to ensure that they are still able to sustain the life that they want to live is the heart behind our hands that help. We work to keep our clients safe, healthy and active and we are so grateful for the opportunity to continue this care and expand our client base in the Antigo and surrounding communities! We thank each of clients, their families and friends, especially at the holidays for allowing us to be the Hands with Heart that are taking care loved ones in our community...