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Fall is HERE!


Saying Goodbye to Dora…

Dora Stiglich -              Cherished Memories Forever

On Sept 19th Dora Stiglich passed away supported by her family and under the care of Evergreen Terrace and  LeRoyer Hospice.


Hands with Heart had the privilege to spend some time with Dora by supporting her family in her care. Dora enjoyed spending time with her family, and would often share memories of her life with me while we visited.  I was fortunate enough to meet many of Dora's family members and those meetings would then spark stories and conversations between Dora & myself while I would spend  some time with her.


Dora's faith was very strong and some of her favorite times were spent praying with her family & visitors. Additionally, one of my favorite memories is of Dora's beautiful voice, she was often humming or singing softly to herself or simply reciting the rosary.


I will carry my memories of my time with Dora with me  & Dora will continue to live on in our hearts!


Hands with Heart Says Goodbye to Vida Solin…

        Gone, but never forgotten!

Hands with Heart, has had the privilege of getting to know Vida Solin and her family by providing supported care  for Vida and her family over the past few weeks as Vida's care was being managed by the hospice team through LeRoyer Hospice.
It has been our honor to share time with Vida, her beloved dog, Pupper and her family. She touched each of our hearts deeply, and we have truly enjoyed spending time with her. It has been a joy to listen to Vida share stories of her life, her heritage  and her family with us.
She allowed us to become a part of her care team, and through that opportunity she became a part of our lives. We will all miss Vida Solin, but she will never be forgotten. She has given each of us fond memories and cherished moments with her. We thank Vida's children for allowing us to be a part of this care team and for sharing their mom with us.
Vida, you will be missed and the memories you have left your family, friends and acquaintances will be cherished and remembered forever.

Happy Birthday Hands with Heart!

Hands with Heart is proud to celebrate it's 1st Birthday! We are honored to have spent this past year working with and supporting your loved ones in our community!


We thank you for continuing to allow us to support and assist those in need. We have loved working with each and every one of our clients and their families.


We continue to look forward to serving your families and many others in our community for years to come!


NEW Addition!

Hands with Heart has been working hard this summer and along the way someone found us...   Dixie is a wonderful little addition to our team and has proven herself to be quite capable in winning over our clients. She is a tiny little thing and tends to really enjoy snuggling up and hanging out. She weighs in at about 8 lbs and is a specialty breed called a Lhatese... She is a Lhasa Apso crossed with a Maltese and is very fluffy little ball of smiles. She has a great personality and has been very well trained. If she hasn't yet been by to visit you... and you have an interest in having her come for a visit give us a call!  

She's catching a nap in the sun to be ready to come work with you!

July = Firecrackers, Picnics & High Temps with High Humidity!

As our temperatures rise and the humidity causes your clothing to stick, and your hair to get damp just walking outside; remember our elderly neighbors that may not have air conditioning in their homes and might not be able to get out to cooler temps by going out to eat or shop. Especially if they are trying to tackle the yard work or lawn care.   It becomes even more important for our elderly to remain hydrated and to take breaks out of the hot temperatures due to the medications they may be on or the side-effects those medications may cause. Some of the common side-effects of medications are the in-ability to sweat, which can cause people to become over-heated; excessive sweating which will cause people to become dehydrated and a hyper-sensitivity to the sunshine which can cause people to become sunburn in a very short period of time. Each of these side-effects can place people, especially our elderly at much higher risk for suffering from heat stroke or sun sickness.   If you notice a neighbor or friend who may have an increased risk for intolerance to the heat, offer to lend a hand, or simply offer a cool drink; remind them of the importance of taking a break to cool down or working earlier or later in the day to avoid the highest temperatures.   Our community is  neighbors looking out for and taking care of each other. Please don't forget to help keep our elderly safe during the high temperature days that we will keep seeing as our summer continues.   The happiest of  Forth of July to all!  

Happy June!

The month of June traditionally marks the beginning of summer. I am looking forward to working with clients to get them out and about to enjoy all of our summer fun, like Music in the Park, and ball games, picnics and lots more fun.