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Information about Hands with Hearts


What will our New Year mean for you?

Along with the New Year's Eve bash and requisite New Year's Resolution comes a progression in life for all of us. For some, another year older, means closer to dreams and opportunities. For others, like some of our clients, it means a progression in their need for help or support. For Hands with Heart, it means more opportunities to help still more members of our community. To be able to be a support team for even more families and to provide that connection and engagement to enrich the lives of those whose lives we are able to touch. Our Care Teams work with your family, to ensure that your loved one has the help, support and compassionate care that they need to be safe in their home or living environment & to enrich their lives through our caring interaction. We will help make long days shorter, and long nights fuller. We will be the overnight support you might need to get a good night's sleep - or be the grocery & lunch stop, that allows you to know that your loved one will have a hot meal and fresh groceries in the fridge. We are able to get your loved one out to lunch - or the casino with friends; as well as safely transporting them to their doctor or hair appointments. Hands with Heart is able to be a support to keep your loved ones in their homes longer, or to be that extra touch they need while making a transition to a supported care living environment or full care facility. If your loved one is in need of some help, support or interaction - give us a call and allow us to take care of your loved one in our community!  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

With Christmas just a couple of days away, the Hands with Heart  team is busy being Santa's Little Helpers. We are decorating trees, assisting with finding presents, bringing in the groceries for your Christmas dinner and cleaning and polishing the house for the holiday crowds...
More importantly though, we are keeping many of our community members safe in their homes; assisting with making sure they have meals;  helping out with getting them out and about for their doctor or hair appointments; and simply checking in to see that they have some company. It is through this interaction that we are making sure that our clients are staying physically strong and mentally engaged. We do this by visiting with them, playing cards or just asking them to tell us about their lives. For many in and around the Antigo area, we are able to be this support and the care team that becomes an extension of family for our clients.
We are grateful to the families and individuals who have allowed Hands with Heart, LLC to be a part of their lives, and the lives of their loved ones and it is with deep appreciation that we extend this holiday greeting...

With Deep Gratitude – THANK YOU!

As our Thanksgiving Day approaches, I would like to extend a deeply heart-felt "Thank YOU!" to all of the families and community members who have allowed us into their homes, and into their lives to assist, to help and simply to care! It is often difficult to allow someone to help, and even harder to allow someone to help when it means that you are no longer "able" to do the things you have always done... It is with great care and sensitivity that we are coming in to people's homes and with great love that we work with our clients to support them in the things that might be a challenge as they are aging or as a disability or illness progresses. Our philosophy of trying to keep all of our clients as active and self-sufficient as they can possibly be, and then to be the support behind the scenes to ensure that they are still able to sustain the life that they want to live is the heart behind our hands that help. We work to keep our clients safe, healthy and active and we are so grateful for the opportunity to continue this care and expand our client base in the Antigo and surrounding communities! We thank each of clients, their families and friends, especially at the holidays for allowing us to be the Hands with Heart that are taking care loved ones in our community...  

Fall is HERE!


Saying Goodbye to Dora…

Dora Stiglich -              Cherished Memories Forever

On Sept 19th Dora Stiglich passed away supported by her family and under the care of Evergreen Terrace and  LeRoyer Hospice.


Hands with Heart had the privilege to spend some time with Dora by supporting her family in her care. Dora enjoyed spending time with her family, and would often share memories of her life with me while we visited.  I was fortunate enough to meet many of Dora's family members and those meetings would then spark stories and conversations between Dora & myself while I would spend  some time with her.


Dora's faith was very strong and some of her favorite times were spent praying with her family & visitors. Additionally, one of my favorite memories is of Dora's beautiful voice, she was often humming or singing softly to herself or simply reciting the rosary.


I will carry my memories of my time with Dora with me  & Dora will continue to live on in our hearts!


Hands with Heart Says Goodbye to Vida Solin…

        Gone, but never forgotten!

Hands with Heart, has had the privilege of getting to know Vida Solin and her family by providing supported care  for Vida and her family over the past few weeks as Vida's care was being managed by the hospice team through LeRoyer Hospice.
It has been our honor to share time with Vida, her beloved dog, Pupper and her family. She touched each of our hearts deeply, and we have truly enjoyed spending time with her. It has been a joy to listen to Vida share stories of her life, her heritage  and her family with us.
She allowed us to become a part of her care team, and through that opportunity she became a part of our lives. We will all miss Vida Solin, but she will never be forgotten. She has given each of us fond memories and cherished moments with her. We thank Vida's children for allowing us to be a part of this care team and for sharing their mom with us.
Vida, you will be missed and the memories you have left your family, friends and acquaintances will be cherished and remembered forever.

Happy Birthday Hands with Heart!

Hands with Heart is proud to celebrate it's 1st Birthday! We are honored to have spent this past year working with and supporting your loved ones in our community!


We thank you for continuing to allow us to support and assist those in need. We have loved working with each and every one of our clients and their families.


We continue to look forward to serving your families and many others in our community for years to come!