from Family, Friends and Neighbors:
Jill was a life-saver for my sister and me! She only knew our mom for a day when mom's health took a drastic turn for the worse. Jill helped my sister get mom to the hospital, and then she continued to help us during mom's stay in hospice and the nursing home. Having Jill to turn to was so helpful. She truly is an angel!
Pam Snopl, Minneapolis, Mn
Jill has helped us through many things in the last 4 years. Jill went with us to Madison when Greg had his surgery for his brain tumor. She stayed in Madison with us. She was there for me to talk to and sometimes smooth things out with Greg when he was upset.She helped me get Greg back to Green Bay to Rehab at that time.When Greg’s tumors came back and I needed someone to stay with Greg while I worked and got some sleep, Jill came in and took over. She was patient with Greg when he was confused and didn’t really know what he wanted. She was patient with me and offered good sound advice as to what to do next. She always tells it as she sees it but does it in a way that will at least make you think about what she said but is not threatening.
Jill is very good at handling people both emotionally and physically. She is always a step ahead of what needs to be done next.
She has taken Greg out of the hospital to get ice cream to cheer him up. She reminds him of why he is there and what his job is.Thank you Jill!
- Gertie Haese

The Haese Family, Antigo, WI
I have found my angel and her name is Jill!
My angel has helped me obtain peace of mind and self-respect!
Jill has taken 5 planter tubs full of paperwork and reduced it to half of one. Jill has helped me with my financial problems and gotten me to money in my pocket with all my bills paid on time and all of that with less paperwork!
Jill will tell me that I did all of that, but without her help and guidance I couldn't have done it!
Yes, I had to put my pride in my back pocket and admit I needed help. Once I decided I needed help and made the phone call to Hands with Heart, my life changed and became much better!
Because of less stress in my life, I’m healthier!

Make the call & my angel will become your angel!
(Bill is offering to talk to anyone who has questions about the Hands with Heart service. Bill’s phone number is available upon request)

William Speener, Antigo, WI

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