What will our New Year mean for you?

Along with the New Year's Eve bash and requisite New Year's Resolution comes a progression in life for all of us. For some, another year older, means closer to dreams and opportunities. For others, like some of our clients, it means a progression in their need for help or support. For Hands with Heart, it means more opportunities to help still more members of our community. To be able to be a support team for even more families and to provide that connection and engagement to enrich the lives of those whose lives we are able to touch. Our Care Teams work with your family, to ensure that your loved one has the help, support and compassionate care that they need to be safe in their home or living environment & to enrich their lives through our caring interaction. We will help make long days shorter, and long nights fuller. We will be the overnight support you might need to get a good night's sleep - or be the grocery & lunch stop, that allows you to know that your loved one will have a hot meal and fresh groceries in the fridge. We are able to get your loved one out to lunch - or the casino with friends; as well as safely transporting them to their doctor or hair appointments. Hands with Heart is able to be a support to keep your loved ones in their homes longer, or to be that extra touch they need while making a transition to a supported care living environment or full care facility. If your loved one is in need of some help, support or interaction - give us a call and allow us to take care of your loved one in our community!  

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