With Deep Gratitude – THANK YOU!

As our Thanksgiving Day approaches, I would like to extend a deeply heart-felt "Thank YOU!" to all of the families and community members who have allowed us into their homes, and into their lives to assist, to help and simply to care! It is often difficult to allow someone to help, and even harder to allow someone to help when it means that you are no longer "able" to do the things you have always done... It is with great care and sensitivity that we are coming in to people's homes and with great love that we work with our clients to support them in the things that might be a challenge as they are aging or as a disability or illness progresses. Our philosophy of trying to keep all of our clients as active and self-sufficient as they can possibly be, and then to be the support behind the scenes to ensure that they are still able to sustain the life that they want to live is the heart behind our hands that help. We work to keep our clients safe, healthy and active and we are so grateful for the opportunity to continue this care and expand our client base in the Antigo and surrounding communities! We thank each of clients, their families and friends, especially at the holidays for allowing us to be the Hands with Heart that are taking care loved ones in our community...  

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